Passionate volunteers are the “network” that makes Networked Saving possible. Your giving covers housing costs and your labor reduces expenses – all of which allows families to save what they need to become homeowners. Even better, volunteering in love creates transformative friendships that continue to bear fruit long after the 18-month program is over.

There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer:

  • Be a church partner. Each of our properties is supported by a church or small group. Churches provide monthly financial sponsorship, but also serve as a consistent source of volunteers who help with property upkeep, family mentorship and ongoing spiritual and relational support. Our mission fails without the church. See some specific ways sponsor churches are helping here.
  • Join a work group. From rehabbing a new home to maintenance or aesthetic upkeep of existing properties, we always have a work project on the horizon. Sign up as an individual or bring a group. See some of our current work projects here.
  • Mentor a family. If financial literacy is your strong suit – or if you’ve been through the home-buying process yourself and you know what it’s like – your wisdom and presence could be invaluable to a family saving to purchase its first home.

To learn more about how you could help as a volunteer, contact our volunteer coordinator now.

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Volunteer Application

If you are interested in volunteering with Emmanuel House, please fill out this form and our volunteer coordinator, Lissa, will be in touch with you.

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    Maintenance/Rehab: Join work projects at one of our propertiesHouse-Warming Team: finish an apartment turn-over with a light cleaning and small housewarming gift for a new Emmanuel House familyHomeowner Mentor: (some experience required) share knowledge basis of homeownership and home-maintenance through one-on-one relationship with a savings family
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    paintinglandscapingtilingelectrical workplumbingcabinet installationdry-wallHVACother
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