If you’re working full time but need help saving for a home, Networked Saving could be the answer. Emmanuel House has a detailed application process to find out if our program is for you. You should be:

  • Working full-time and paying your own rent
  • Interested in owning a home in Aurora
  • 30-70% of the area median income for household size

Complete our resident interest form now to find out if living and saving at Emmanuel House is for you. We’ll contact you with a full application.

Homeowner’s Preliminary Application

    Emmanuel House is a local organization, located in Aurora, IL. You must currently live in Aurora, or a surrounding city in order to be considered for our program.

    *Incomplete applications cannot be considered, please fill out each blank field.

    Complete the following for ALL workers living in the home:




    Please check if you receive any of the following:
    Food stampsPublic aid cashMedicaidSSI


    Once complete, our program manager at Emmanuel House will contact you about any further steps. For questions, contact:

    Email: lissa@emmanuelhouse.org

    Phone: 630 423 6182