What if the last were first? Statistically, it doesn’t happen. Working-class poverty is a trap, where those who start with nothing end with nothing. And the cycle continues.

That’s not good enough.

Owning a home breaks the pattern. Income increases. Neighborhoods stabilize. Children finish school. The future can change – but only when we work together. The Emmanuel House model is built to include and rely on the involvement from the Church at every level. Transformation takes your time, your money and your faith.

If you’re working full time but need help saving for a home, Networked Saving could be the answer. Emmanuel House has a detailed application process to find out if our program is for you. You should be:

  • Working full-time and paying your own rent
  • Interested in owning a home in Aurora
  • 30-70% of the area median income for household size

Complete our resident interest form now to find out if living and saving at Emmanuel House is for you. We’ll contact you with a full application.

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Passionate volunteers are the “network” that makes Networked Saving possible. Your giving covers housing costs and your labor reduces expenses – all of which allows families to save what they need to become homeowners. Even better, volunteering in love creates transformative friendships that continue to bear fruit long after the 18-month program is over.

There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer:

  • Be a church partner. Each of our properties is supported by a church or small group. Churches provide monthly financial sponsorship, but also serve as a consistent source of volunteers who help with property upkeep, family mentorship and ongoing spiritual and relational support. Our mission fails without the church. See some specific ways sponsor churches are helping here.
  • Join a work group. From rehabbing a new home to maintenance or aesthetic upkeep of existing properties, we always have a work project on the horizon. Sign up as an individual or bring a group. See some of our current work projects here.
  • Mentor a family. If financial literacy is your strong suit – or if you’ve been through the home-buying process yourself and you know what it’s like – your wisdom and presence could be invaluable to a family saving to purchase its first home.

To learn more about how you could help as a volunteer, contact our volunteer coordinator now.

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Your tax-deductible gifts cover housing costs at Emmanuel House properties, making it possible for residents to save most of their rent for a home of their own.

Monthly sponsorships make an enduring impact on residents in a particular Emmanuel House property. There are several options to sponsor a home on a monthly basis. You are making a difference in the life of a local family with each monthly donation. $400 supports costs for one family.

Currently our online payment option is through paypal, the trusted secure partner that many of you are familiar with. If you’d prefer to set up recurring giving through your bank account, please contact us.






Emmanuel House properties are purchased and rehabbed using funds from an investor partner. Investing in our mission yields what we call a “double bottom line” – a competitive long-term financial yield for you, and an immeasurable long-term impact for the Kingdom of God. In the most common investment scenario,

Emmanuel House:

  • Serves as general contractor and ongoing property manager
  • Pays taxes, principal & interest on a 15-year mortgage
  • Is able to move as many as 20 families into homeownership during the 15-year life of the loan


  • Pay nothing on the property for the 15-year life of the loan
  • Own the property outright after 15 years

Additional types of investment are possible as well, including short-term bridge loans and CDs. To learn more, contact Emmanuel House now.